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Purkay Labs will perform a detailed audit of your faciility’s layout, environment, and airflow management.

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Don’t sift through thousands of data points. Get the data you need, when you need it.

The Purkay Labs’ Experience

Our mission is to create simple, portable, and cost-effective monitoring systems for critical air spaces, including Data Centers, Colocation, Labs, Hospitals, and Commercial Real Estate buildings.

Founded in 2012, our products are used over a hundred facilities across the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

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I presented the Data obtained from multiple scans to our Senior Leadership team and they are very impressed with what we were able to present within a day of obtaining the product. Immediate and accurate data within that short window makes this one of the most impressive product I have ever worked with. - Manager, Data Center Operations & COM in Denver, CO

AUDIT-BUDDY is a portable and standalone temperature and humidity monitor. It consists of three temperature and humidity sensors and 1 carbon fiber rod with weighted base. It is portable, battery powered and has a low learning curve— no new programs/installations--- just scan and use Excel to view data. The key advantage is that AUDIT-BUDDY can spot check air quality and diagnose cooling issues in areas without permanent monitoring. The portable design lets the user take it from data center to lab to classroom and back to the storage closet.

AUDIT-BUDDY is a simple tool for people who need to troubleshoot airflow issues or pinpoint the location/cause for hotspots, without touching the server. The majority of our clients use AUDIT-BUDDY to spot check their environment to identify hot spots or any significant changes in the environment. The tool allows the users to benchmark the complete facility without interrupting the data center operations, or installing expensive monitoring systems.

Our end-users range from industries including: e-commerce, telecommunications, financial institutions, colocation providers, and commissioning/server agents. The majority of our clients are Tier 2-4 facilities.

AUDIT-BUDDY™ is a tool aimed at transient monitoring applications with no demands on the existing infrastructure. Users can deploy AUDIT-BUDDY™ where they suspect a problem, or if they need to baseline their facility, then put AUDIT-BUDDY™ away, without leaving any footprint in the datahall.

Wireless sensors require monitoring infrastructure to be set-up to collect information and users must keep track of where the sensors are located, adding to the RF pollution in the white space.

Infrared guns are not, and cannot, be as accurate as AUDIT-BUDDY™. Infrared guns can only measure the temperature of the surface of the server and can’t measure true air temperature. In addition, the color of the reflecting surface affects the temperature measurement. If you are assessing data center operating efficiency by minute changes in the CRAC settings, where 1°F change is significant, you really can’t measure that impact with an IR gun. AUDIT-BUDDY™ on the other hand is an accurate tool to measure such minor change impacts.

AUDIT-BUDDY, like many data loggers such a measure both temperature and relative humidity. However, AUDIT-BUDDY differs in its standalone design and ability to both record and diagnose data.

The construction of Audit-Buddy allows you to measure the inlet or outlet air going into the server at three different heights simultaneously. This provides an accurate account of the whole rack environment, rather than an individual point. Measurement of the air temperature going in or out simultaneously of the server is key, as it lets you determine your cooling efficiency. Stated another way, the Audit-Buddy system provides you temperature stratification information for your cold and hot aisles without requiring any special installation, without touching the server or hanging multiple sensors from the ceiling.

The second key difference is with the information supplied. The Audit-Buddy system tells you what's causing your thermal issues (hot spots, overcooled regions etc.), how effective your cool efficiency is, and how much cold air you're wasting due to bypass and recirculation airflow. Our software is designed to make it easy to quickly post-process data, without wasting a lot of time. Audit-Buddy is a data center application focused tool that provides information about the cooling system, not just the raw data.

AUDIT-BUDDY recordstemperature and humidity per location and the software allows the users to easily manipulate the data into meaningful information.

For example, users interested in cutting down on cooling can use AUDIT-BUDDY to measure every cabinet across the facility using the QuickScan mode and visually translate represent air profile of the aisle and pinpoint where their are hotspots or over cooled areas using Optimize Macro “Create Contour Map” function. The Interactive Data Hall program lets the user look at the entire data hall data in a comprehensive manner. After deciding to focus on specific problem areas, the user can then use the Delta-T scan to collect long term trend data and identify what causes the hot spot.

A basic list of data functions is provided below:
  • Quickly Collect data for every cabinet environment
  • Collect Long term trend data for a single stand
  • View Scan highlights
  • View time-trend graphs with customized alarm limits
  • Create “CFD-like" Contour Map with real-time data.
  • Diagnose server specific cooling efficiency
  • Calculate cost of “overcooling” in terms of OpEX and Consumption
  • Create Interactive “aerial” Data Hall Views to quickly drill down and isolate problem areas

Most hotspot or overcooled areas stem from poor airflow management in data centers. Purkay Labs recommends using two AUDIT-BUDDY systems, one placed in front of the cabinet and one place in the back of the cabinet, to measure the server delta-T. This measurement when read through the Optimize Excel Macro, AUDIT-MATE or WIFI-MATE indicates how effectively the servers are being cooled.The Purkay Labs software shows how much cold supply air is reaching the server and how much is lost due to bypass and/or recirculation airflow.

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