Purkay Labs is more than just an environmental monitor manufacturer. We provide a variety of other services for our customers depending on their specific needs. We are committed to providing accurate information and custom services.


On-Site Facility Assessment ServicePLAS1

Purkay Labs provides on-site data center facility assessment services wherever your data center is located. Our expert team will perform a detailed audit of your facility’s layout, environment and airflow management and populate the collected data into our Interactive Data Hall Program. Purkay Labs will even provide on-going data center site visits to insure your data stays up-to-date and establish trend reports for effective data center facility management.

You will be able to access:

  • Accurate data center floor layouts
  • Multi-height rack temperature, humidity and dew point data
  • Tile Placement and Opening Positions
  • CRAC, PDU, and Cabinet Placements
  • Walk-through Airflow Management Recommendations
  • Airflow ManagementLearn more

Purkay Labs can provide additional support to:

  • Incorporate basic assessment management information, such as Cabinet Space Capacity and Utilization, Cabinet Make & Model Information, PDU Information
  • Train staff members to use AUDIT-BUDDY tools for environmental monitoring
  • Provide on-going Site Assessments if labor is unavailable

Room Heat Map ServicePLRM1

Purkay Labs provides a Room Heat Map Service that allows users to create multi-level maps of the heat distribution across an entire room. Use to characterize and validate how your room is operating.

The Room Heat Map Service includes:

  • Room Heat Maps for each room
  • Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Data
  • Purkay Labs Support
  • 1 Training Session
Learn More about Room Heat Map

Premium Support ServicePLPS1

All Purkay Labs products come with a free 1 year Premium Support. After one year, Purkay Labs offers a Premium Support service at cost.

The Premium Support Service includes:

  • Unlimited Online/Phone Training Sessions
  • 1 Free Firmware (if available)
  • 1 Free Software upgrade (if available)
  • Purkay Labs Calibration Check
  • Free Shipping (To and From Site)

N.I.S.T. CertificationPLNIST

Purkay Labs understands that you need to verify calibration. Purkay Labs offers a N.I.S.T. traceable certification certification.

This includes:

  • Purkay Labs sending modules to an independent accrediated laboratory for calibration checks.
  • Individual serial number module certificate of compliance supplied by an independent accredited laboratory.

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About Us 

Purkay Labs creates simple, portable and cost-effective monitoring solutions for critical air spaces, including Data Centers, Colocation facilities, Labs, Hospitals and commercial real estate buildings. Our products are used in over a hundred facilities across US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.