This portable temperature and humidity monitor records real-time and long term environmental scans. Use to pinpoint and diagnose airflow issues.

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Overview Powerful Features

AUDIT-BUDDY’s intuitive and simple design is purpose built for the busy data center.

Information Fast

Made to Move

1-click charts andgraphs

Cost effectivesolution.

LED alarm lights alertwhen problems occur.

Fast Set Up. No commitments.

How it Works Scan on-demand

AUDIT-BUDDY is more than a data logger. Get the information when and exactly where you need it.
  • Scan

    AUDIT-BUDDY has 3 custom scan modes to help you scan quicker.

  • Get Data

    Read data in Excel or stream it directly to the Purkay Labs’ WIFI-MATE program.

  • Put Away

    Once your done, put your AUDIT-BUDDY away. There is no installation required.

What is AUDIT-BUDDY?One system

AUDIT-BUDDY consists of 3 Temperature and Humidity (TH1) Modules and 1 weighted and adjustable Carbon fiber rod.

Smart Design

Place AUDIT-BUDDY perpendicular to the cabinet. The multi-level module placement allows you to capture the entire cabinet profile. The patent pending design allows you to measure both the inlet and outlet air.

The DataInformation you can act on

AUDIT-BUDDY distills your environmental data so it’s easy to understand and act upon.

Baseline Your Environment

Scan your aisles with the 20 second QuickScan mode and create thermal contour maps.

Track Problems over time

Use the LongScan mode to track and confirm problem areas.

Diagnose Airflow Issues

Use two stands to track the inlet and outlet temperatures over time. This measurement when compared to the CRAC delta-T can quantify how much cold supply air reaches the server and how much is being wasted. Use this mode to diagnose what’s causing your hot spots and overcooled areas.

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ApplicationsDesigned for every space.

Our clients range from owner/operators to commissioning agents to colocation providers/tenants and more!

  • Find Hot Spots
  • Track Environmental changes
  • Measure Rack-Level Cooling Efficiency
  • Commissioning
  • CRAC Stress tests
  • Generate real-time, real-data CFD profiles
  • Validate SLA
  • Confirm/Deny Suspicious BMS/ BAS readings
  • Assess Airflow Management
  • Environmental Audit Reports


What’s Included

  • Hardware

    1 AUDIT-BUDDY System
    • 3 TH1 Modules
    • 1 Carbon Fiber Rod
  • Software

    Optimize Excel Macro
    AUDIT-MATE Program
  • Support

    1 year Premium Purkay Labs Support
    1 Software/Firm Upgrade
    1 NIST trace-able Certification (Available upon Request)





AUDIT-BUDDY is a portable and standalone temperature and humidity monitor. It consists of three temperature and humidity sensors and 1 carbon fiber rod with weighted base. It is portable, battery powered and has a low learning curve— no new programs/installations--- just scan and use Excel to view data. The key advantage is that AUDIT-BUDDY can spot check air quality and diagnose cooling issues in areas without permanent monitoring.

AUDIT-BUDDY™ is a tool aimed at transient monitoring applications with no demands on the existing infrastructure. Users can deploy AUDIT-BUDDY™ where they suspect a problem, or if they need to baseline their facility, then put AUDIT-BUDDY™ away, without leaving any footprint in the datahall.

Wireless sensors require monitoring infrastructure to be set-up to collect information and users must keep track of where the sensors are located, adding to the RF pollution in the white space.

Infrared guns are not, and cannot, be as accurate as AUDIT-BUDDY™. Infrared guns can only measure the temperature of the surface of the server and can’t measure true air temperature. In addition, the color of the reflecting surface affects the temperature measurement.  If you are assessing data center operating efficiency by minute changes in the CRAC settings, where 1°F change is significant, you really can’t measure that impact with an IR gun. AUDIT-BUDDY™ on the other hand is an accurate tool to measure such minor change impacts.

AUDIT-BUDDY, like many data loggers such a measure both temperature and relative humidity. However, AUDIT-BUDDY differs in its standalone design and ability to both record and diagnose data.

The construction of Audit-Buddy allows you to measure the inlet or outlet air going into the server at three different heights simultaneously. This provides an accurate account of the whole rack environment, rather than an individual point. Measurement of the air temperature going in or out simultaneously of the server is key, as it lets you determine your cooling efficiency. Stated another way, the Audit-Buddy system provides you temperature stratification information for your cold and hot aisles without requiring any special installation, without touching the server or hanging multiple sensors from the ceiling.

The second key difference is with the information supplied. The Audit-Buddy system tells you what's causing your thermal issues (hot spots, overcooled regions etc.), how effective your cool efficiency is, and how much cold air you're wasting due to bypass and recirculation airflow. Our software is designed to make it easy to quickly post-process data, without wasting a lot of time. Audit-Buddy is a data center application focused tool that provides information about the cooling system, not just the raw data. 

AUDIT-BUDDY recordstemperature and humidity per location and the software allows the users to easily manipulate the data into meaningful information.

For example, users interested in cutting down on cooling can use AUDIT-BUDDY to measure every cabinet across the facility using the QuickScan mode and visually translate represent air profile of the aisle and pinpoint where their are hotspots or over cooled areas using Optimize Macro “Create Contour Map” function. The Interactive Data Hall program lets the user look at the entire data hall data in a comprehensive manner. After deciding to focus on specific problem areas, the user can then use the Delta-T scan to collect long term trend data and identify what causes the hot spot. 

A basic list of data functions is provided below:

  • Quickly Collect data for every cabinet environment
  • Collect Long term trend data for a single stand
  • View Scan highlights
  • View time-trend graphs with customized alarm limits
  • Create “CFD-like" Contour Map with real-time data. 
  • Diagnose server specific cooling efficiency
  • Calculate cost of “overcooling” in terms of OpEX and Consumption
  • Create Interactive “aerial” Data Hall Views to quickly drill down and isolate problem areas

Most hotspot or overcooled areas stem from poor  airflow management in data centers. Purkay Labs recommends using two AUDIT-BUDDY systems, one placed in front of the cabinet and one place in the back of the cabinet, to measure the server delta-T. This measurement when read through the Optimize Excel Macro, AUDIT-MATE or WIFI-MATE indicates how effectively the servers are being cooled.The Purkay Labs software shows how much cold supply air is reaching the server and how much is lost due to bypass and/or recirculation airflow. 

Users should measure server delta-T to prevent downtime and benchmark cooling efficiency. Today most data centers monitor temperature in order to ensure that the inlet air going into the server meets equipment or industry standards, or be alerted to potential problems to prevent server failure or downtime. At the same time, inlet air temperatures can fall within an acceptable range and still be at risk.

Data Centers are designed to maximize cooling by supplying cold “supply” air directly to the IT equipment and returning the warm “return” air directly to the cooling unit (CRAC/HVAC). Ideally, all of the cold supply air will reach the server inlet and all of the warm return air will reach the CRAC return with no or minimal waste. In reality, a significant amount of cold supply air is wasted because it either bypasses the IT equipment completely or it mixes with warm return air that is sucked back to the server inlet rather than the cooling unit. A long-term Uptime Institute study found that only 60% of cold air pumped into 19 data centers actually reached IT equipment. Poor airflow results in hot spots, higher energy con

sumption and higher utility cost. As managers increase load capacity, add blade servers or make any changes to the data center layout that inevitably effect the thermal environment, it is imperative to measure both inlet and outlet temperatures.

AUDIT-BUDDY is a simple tool that lets you measure this valuable parameter without requiring the expense of a large monitoring system. 

AUDIT-BUDDY is used in over 60 sites across the US, Canada and UK. Our end-users range from industries including: e-commerce, telecommunications, financial institutions, colocation providers, and commissioning/server agents. The majority of our clients are Tier 2-4 facilities. 


AUDIT-BUDDY is designed to be operational right out of the box. By design, there is no installation or integration required affecting the existing infrastructure. 

You can place AUDIT-BUDDY as close as an inch away from the server rack using the carbon fiber rod or fix it directly to the surface using the magnetic plate. 


Purkay Labs recommends placing one TH1 Module near the floor, one TH1 Module close to the top of the rack and one TH1 Module in the middle of the cabinet to get a detailed stratification of the cabinet.

AUDIT-BUDDY uses standard alkaline AA batteries for operation. The low power design allows the user to operate the unit without requiring frequent replacements. Under normal operating conditions, used once or twice a week, the batteries will last for at least 6 months.  A low battery warning is displayed before the user starts a data collection. The user can also test the module’s current battery condition at any time. The scanned data is stored in Non-Volatile Memory and is not dependent on battery voltage, and therefore is not lost when the batteries are removed to be replaced.

AUDIT-BUDDY design allows you to transfer data one of three ways. The simplest is using a USB Flash Drive to transfer the data after the sampling is complete. For facilities where USB Flash Drives aren’t allowed, one can use the supplied USB cable to directly download the data from the module to the PC/tablet using the AUDIT-MATE PC program. The third approach uses the 802.11 WIFI. One needs to add a WIFI Adapter Module to make the TH1 module communicate via WIFI. The sampled data is automatically streamed directly to your PC or Tablet.

Yes.Using the new WIFI adapters that plug into the existing TH1 Module, users can stream data via their WIFI network* or router to WIFI-MATE. Purkay Labs is currently beta testing this function and is expected to release “AUDIT-BUDDY” in mid to late 2016.                                                                                                                    *Subject to facility security protocols.

Purkay Labs strongly recommends moving the AUDIT-BUDDY stand in between QuickScan. Failure to do so will result in inaccurate readings. To accommodate diverse air flow conditions, the internal fan rotates more frequently in the QuickScan mode to bring in the outside air into the unit. It is recommended that one waits for 5 minutes after scanning 20 cabinets in a row, to allow the internal fan to cool down and not affect the temperature readings.


Purkay Labs offers an annual verification service, for an additional fee, at the factory with a NIST traceable instrument. Please contact the Customer Service team at for more information. 

All software and macros supplied by Purkay Labs are digitally signed and time stamped for security systems designed to reject files that are not. To communicate to the TH1 module from the PC and Tablet, two different industry USB standard drivers are required.  These are supplied by Purkay Labs along with the AUDIT-BUDDY system. Contact your site IT Security person if you have any questions regarding driver installation.

WIFI-BUDDY uses industry standard 802.11 b/g 2.4GHz WIFI. The PC and WIFI Adapters use dynamic IP assignment by the router. The Authentication System supports WEP-128, WPA-PSK(TKIP) and WPA2-PSK(AES). Contact your site Wireless Security personnel to insure that the site WIFI will allow devices to initiate and receive UDP packets. Purkay Labs also supplies an off the shelf router, should you wish to use a temporary network for WIFI communications. 

All collected data from Purkay Labs Software and Macros support data export in .CSV and .PNG formats. Specific integration to a building automation system will require a custom wrapper to be written. This will vary from site to site based on the specific requirements. Please contact Purkay Labs for more information. 

By design AUDIT-BUDDY is designed to be non-intrusive, does not touch the existing server hardware and is meant to be for temporary use. After the data is collected, the system is meant to go back to the storage closet, leaving the data hall free and clear. There is no risk to the data center operation if the AUDIT-BUDDY system is operated as designed. 

Out of respect for the privacy of our clients, we do not publish our clients names. On a case by case basis, we can connect you with our clients. Please contact Purkay Labs directly.


All purchases from Purkay Labs come with a one hour free training session as well as a one free upgrade (if available) of the firmware and software for one year.  We also offer unlimited customer support during the first year.  Please contact Purkay Labs directly to arrange an on-site training session for an additional cost.

The core AUDIT-BUDDY program- the Optimize Excel Macro- is designed to be a single computer install as it involves a third party single install plotting license to generate contour maps. Customers can purchase additional licenses directly from Purkay Labs. Customers can use the other Excel Marco functions (data analysis, graph and cooling efficiency generation) and the complementary Audit-Mate program, used to configure and customize the sensors, without a license.

All Purkay Labs software runs on Windows 7 or 8. The Optimize Excel Macro requires Excel Version 2010 or later.


Our base product AUDIT-BUDDY, which includes the three TH1 Module, one carbon fiber rod, software is commercially available through Purkay Labs and can be delivered immediately.

WIFI-BUDDY, wireless version of AUDIT-BUDDY, is still in the beta testing stages and we plan to launch mid to late 2016.  Customers have the option to purchase the basic product first and upgrade to the wireless version at a discounted rate.

The Interactive Data Hall Program is currently in the beta testing stages and is expected to release in the spring of 2016.

Over 80% of users purchase two AUDIT-BUDDY systems in order to be able to pinpoint and diagnose server level cooling issues.

Credit Card or Purchase Orders can be placed via the Purkay Labs online shop. You can also contact Purkay Labs directly for a quotation to place an order.  

Products are shipped from the Purkay Labs Headquarters in North Grafton, MA- just outside of Boston, MA- via UPS Ground

We accept returns that meet our Return Policy within 30 days of purchase. Please ensure that items are not used or damaged.

Purkay Labs requires customers to contact Customer Service at 1.774.261.4444 or email to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. You must request this number within 30 days of purchase date for a full refund. To read the full return policy, please click here.

There is a one year limited warranty on all Purkay Labs manufactured products. Please visit on Terms & Conditions to learn more.

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