Six Quick Tips On Environment Monitoring Ft. AUDIT-BUDDY

Posted on January 23, 2015

Processor Magazine recently released an article, featuring Purkay Labs’ Product Manager Aheli Purkayastha, on the importance of basic environmental monitoring. From the article: Some enterprises take a “later than sooner” approach to environmental monitoring, but realistically every company should be performing basic environmental monitoring… Purkayastha says although data centers vary in size and cost, all “house environmentally sensitive equipment and require the same basic measurements to ensure that servers will function.” For example, EM helps ensure that inlet air entering a server meets equipment or ASHRAE standards and helps prevent failure or downtime, she says.

Improving Cooling Efficiency With AUDIT-BUDDY

Posted on January 22, 2015

Processor Magazine recently released an article highlighting AUDIT- BUDDY™’s role in cooling optimization. From the article: AUDIT- BUDDY is a portable temperature and humidity monitor that records real- time and long-term scans of the data center environment. You can pinpoint and troubleshoot airflow issues that arise without touching the server and diagnose cooling issues based on data that helps you make decisions.

Data Center Efficiency- Look Before You Leap

Posted on December 19, 2014

Arthur Cole of IT Business Edge covers the different monitoring tools from AUDIT-BUDDY to DCIM to wireless sensors. From the article: If you are looking for a less-invasive approach, a company called Purkay Labs offers the Audit-Buddy, a single device that gathers input from data center “white space” that can then be used to revamp energy practices. The device does not need to integrate into existing infrastructure and can be moved from place to place to gain a broad view of data center conditions. Functions include temperature and humidity tracking, 3D thermal baseline profiling, hot/cold loss measurement and containment and overall air quality measurement. Although it does not provide a deep-dive view of the data center, it should give managers some initial insight into whether a full-blown DCIM platform is warranted.


Posted on August 14, 2014

Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) recently utilized AUDIT-BUDDY to monitor and baseline 100 racks in a facility…in under an hour. From the case study: AUDIT-BUDDY has provided a fast and easy method to obtain fundamental data points for immediate detection of potential problem areas as well as detailed ongoing analysis, allowing EEC to service its clients more effectively than ever.

Thermal News Features Purkay Labs Update

Posted on June 23, 2014

Thermal News reports on the latest features of Purkay Labs' AUDIT-MATE program.

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